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Xtreme Eating Awards


Xtreme Eating Awards

3 rounds:
Row 20 cals
20m handstand walk

Perfect push-ups

Perfect push-ups

Xtreme Eating Awards

The Center for Science in the Public Interest recently released it’s Xtreme Eating Awards for 2014.  It’s their list of the top food bombs available throughout chain restaurants across America.

“When French toast is ‘Bruléed,’ fries are ‘bottomless,’ and steaks are now garnished with not just one, but two Italian sausages, it’s clear that caloric extremism still rules the roost at many of America’s chain restaurants,” CSPI dietitian Paige Einstein said. “Two out of three American adults are overweight or obese and one in 10 adults has diabetes, thanks in part to The Cheesecake Factory, Chevys Fresh Mex, Maggiano’s Little Italy, and much of the rest of America’s chain restaurant industry.”  These chains are the “winners” of the prize and are recognized for their 2500+ calorie meals. We embrace saturated fat more than most, but these meals are extreme by anyone’s standards.

Have you ever purchased one of these meals?  What’s with the US and extreme eating?  Post to comments.

5 Responses

  1. Shane

    I used to always get the Chili Cheese Fries at Longhorn’s, which my parents loved to frequent, as a teenager. So after this blog I just checked out the nutrition info. Here we go!:
    Calories: 1730g
    Total Fat: 96g
    Sodium: 4940mg
    Carbs: 138g
    Protein: 0g (what was I thinking?! Where’s the protein?! And what the hell was in that chili if it wasn’t protein?)

  2. My office is above the Cheesecake Factory and while I don’t eat there, I see so many tourists flocking in. With all the awesome local restaurants on Pearl street, it boggles my mind. I have heard that Europeans like going there to get the “real” American dining experience: huge portions, a 15-page menu & majorly xtreme eating. So glad that this is what American food is known for around the world. Scary.

  3. Ariane

    I was in Hawaii this spring. It was about 11am and there was a queue of about 20 people waiting for the Cheesecake Factory to open. It was so amusing that I had to take a picture…