3 rounds SLOWLY of:
5 strict toes-to-bars
5 strict knees-to-elbows
10 toes-to-bars
10 hip-back extensions
20 back extensions
20 hip extensions

More movement through your spine allows you more options in virtually every single other movement. Not to mention it houses your nervous system which is the principle link between our brain and our bodies. When moving large loads quickly we focus on keeping movement of the spine to a minimum, and this builds tremendous strength at maintaining a neutral spine which is very helpful when trying to move large loads, but it is equally as important to develop capacity to move your spine freely in any direction. After all, life doesn’t always happen in ideal situations.
Exercises like back extensions build strength in all the tiny stabilizing muscles of the spine, and there are A LOT. They also increase our proprioception (body awareness) so we can control our spine in space regardless of our orientation. Movements of the individual spinal vertebrae also helps to “lube” the spine preparing it to take on more stimulus in the future.
Increasing our capacity for movement and control in the spine should be top priority for all athletes focused on functional movements. With more control over our nervous system we are better equipped to learn any new movement and we’re afforded more room for error in movements that don’t go as planned. Take your time today and make precision and control your priority and tomorrow you’ll know that you got work done.