Crocktoberfest 2012 – Sunday, October 14th    September 23 2012


Three rounds for time of:
15 Chest to bar pull-ups
20 Burpees
95 pound Sumo-deadlift high-pull, 15 reps

Wendy took home the 2011 Crocktoberfest Cup. Who will take home the cup this year?

Crocktoberfest 2012 – Sunday, October 14th

Can you smell what the crock is cookin’?!

Back for its second annual year, the Paleo Crocktoberfest will take place on Sunday, October 14th at 6:00pm.

We have lined up an ALL-START CAST of judges – stay tuned for introductions on a future blog post!

This year, YOU MUST register in order to compete and registration is now open.  Registration is free but we are accepting a limited number of entries in each of 3 categories:
– Crocktail/Beverage
– Dessert
– PALEO Entree
All categories must include Paleo ingredients only!  We know what you’re thinking, “well, what EXACTLY is Paleo for this contest?”  If it’s a legume, grain, or dairy – it is NOT ALLOWED.  If it’s some bastardized version of a Paleo food (i.e. extracted Paleo stuff, natural sweeteners, honey, agave, etc., it is allowed for this contest).  If you’re not sure – ASK IN ADVANCE!  We are happy to approve recipes.  Just bring it in.


Warm up the crock, get cookin’, and get ready to name the Roots’ 2012 Ultimate Crocktologist!

You do not have to enter a crockpot to attend, so mark your calendar!

  • Erica Lanier

    What is the rule in regards to cooking with salt? I read differing opinions online. Some say never while others say sea salt is okay in moderation. What is the roots rule?

  • Nicole Christensen

    Salt is ok for the Crocktoberfest.

  • Odie

    Look at Wendy…lifting that cup like a true veteran!

  • Emily Moore

    So…does anyone else thing those Sumo high-pulls are way harder than they look?

  • Joel Gorder

    This sounds Crocktastic 😀 I’m in!

  • Joel Gorder
  • Wendy

    It’s no Lord Stanley! ….but a very scaled version of hoisting The Cup!
    I’ll bring it back to the gym this week for display and motivation!

  • Alison Minton

    Wow there are some really strong negative opinions in the comments. Kind of sad the general public is missing the point that CrossFit Kids is NOT about seeing how much weight a 6 year old can lift, but rather teaching kids that being active is FUN (and important!) in a supportive, motivating and SAFE environment that promotes confidence and community! (although those over head squats in the photo – eek!).

  • hillharris

    wendy i hope you’ll try and repeat as the crockition champ. you look good hoisting the cup!

  • Cheryl A Lowitzer

    I’m with ya Sista! Glad to have this one done. BOOM for both of us :-)

  • lisa p

    They pretty much look exactly like my OHS, don’t they?

  • Sam

    Burpees on burpees.