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Whiteboard Reporting.


Whiteboard Reporting.

For time:
95 pound Thruster, 100 reps

Which CrossFit Roots member gave this ring to another CrossFit Roots member because she said “yes.” Post to comments, and congrats you two!!

Whiteboard Reporting.

Here we go.  This post will probably break some hearts, hurt some egos, pull at some character, and put some into shock – I’m ok with that.

In short – if you didn’t do it, it doesn’t count and that score has no place on the holy white space that is the CrossFit Roots whiteboard.  Lately, all of the coaches have had experiences where athletes try to report scores or loading that they simply didn’t do.

Take for example the 1 power snatch, 5 front overhead squat workout.  In some instances athletes were told they didn’t go low enough and that the set didn’t count* – yet they then tried to report that set as their max on the whiteboard.  
*Please note, simply having the weight on the bar does not count as a successful lift.

Another thing we’ve experienced lately is the coach asking for an athlete’s heaviest set followed by the athlete asking “you mean the heaviest set where I got all five or the heaviest set I tried?”  Om…really?  Does that logic apply anywhere else in your life?  I think not.  Let’s investigate just incase…

In other CrossFit Workouts:  What was your Fran time?  You mean after 21 and 15 or after I finished the entire workout?
At home: Did you fold the laundry?  Do you mean all the laundry or just the shirts?

I know, some of you are reading this post thinking, “wait, is Nicole and the coaches talking about – ME?”  Ah, yes!  If you didn’t do this you wouldn’t be reading the post and thinking “is this about me?”

We respect hard work, integrity of movement and mind, and there is no gray area in this pursuit at CrossFit Roots.  

Yes, we get it – it sucks when you come so close to a successful lift, you want to impress your friends, and you read the whiteboard more than the New York Times, but the fact is, you simply didn’t do it.

It sucks even more when you don’t report the work that was actually done.

We will continue to hold you to the highest standard in your reporting efforts and call bullshit whenever we need to.

your coaches

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        1. Second that. I wanted to make a smartass remark about it this morning at 6am but decided it would probably be better for everyone if I kept my mouth shut. (I know…it’s a first…)

  1. JakeDurling

    Dammit Davis, I knew you weren’t actually that slow and weak. By the way, I prefer to use Hillary’s scores myself.

    1. JakeDurling

      Dave… Not Davis. My bad. Read this on my phone screen on the bus. (Though watch out for Davis too. And Pryor. Obvi.).
      Also, a bacon shortage shortage? Now THIS is an issue of national importance. I want the presidential candidates to discuss possible solutions during the next debate. Nicole, you know people who know people – please make this happen.