Seven rounds for time of:
10 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball
10 Pull-ups

Thanks to the staff at Lululemon Athletica for hosting the Roots Crew on Friday night.  Check out the pictures from the event in the Roots Photo Album!

Thanks Lululemon for hosting the Roots Crew on Friday night! Pictures from the event were added to the Roots Photo Album!

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There’s a ton of great information, resources, and links in the righthand column of our website.  Here’s a quick tour!

The first heading is “curious about CrossFit” but you, seasoned Roots athlete, are so way beyond that…

Next heading, ROOTS. This is the section for YOU Roots athlete!  Here you’ll find a link to Beyond the Whiteboard, a direct link to the class sign-up, a link to sign-up for Blood Work re-test, a link to purchase your Roots Gear, and a link to all of our sweet photo albums.

Did you know that we now upload pictures from the shop at the end of each month?  Check out the September and October albums!

The next heading is the “upcoming events.” Many of the upcoming events are hyperlinked to a page with more details on the event.  Try it out.  Scroll over the “Networking Night” text and click to go to a page that details the event.

And speaking of events, don’t forget about Networking Night this Thursday from 7-8:30pm at the shop and the blood work retesting on Friday and Saturday mornings.  Sign-up for a time slot under the Roots heading!