You’re Invited    July 16 2011


Max rep back squat in 3:00 minutes (225/145)
AMRAP dumbbell burpee pushpress (45/35)
Row 500/Run 400 for time

The 5:30am class jumps off to a big start last Monday.

You’re Invited!

Mark you calendars for the Annual CrossFit Roots Anniversary Party and Family Picnic!

When: Friday, August 19th from 5:00-7:30
Where: Eben G. Fine Park
Why: To celebrate Roots’ 2 year anniversary and its awesome athletes
Who: Roots athletes and their families
How: Keep an eye on your email inbox for an Evite invitation due out early this week!

  • Anonymous

    Fun times this morning!  Thanks to everyone who came.

  • Julia Uhlendorf Ebert

    I missed last year’s party, and I’m very much looking forward to it this year! Just thought I’d mention though, they took out the grills at Eben G and I believe you have to have a permit as well as have the shelter rented in order to bring a gas grill. No charcoal. Just wanted to mention it in case anyone was hoping to grill…although I’m sure Nicole already knows all this. :))

    And yes, that was fun this morning!