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Valentine’s Day Couples Workout is FRIDAY! – Sign-up for Childcare Too. · 8 February 2015

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:115-lb. power cleansOne-legged squats, right legOne-legged squats, left leg Valentine’s Day Couples Workout is FRIDAY! – Sign-up for Childcare Too. Hey Roots Couples – Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and that means only one thing – it’s time to show your couples love at the Roots Valentine’s Day Couples Workout. Read […]

SFH at Roots Today! · 8 February 2015

RobbieComplete as many rounds as possible in 25 minutes of:8 freestanding handstand push-ups15-foot L-sit rope climb, 1 ascent SFH at Roots TODAY! Swing by the shop and say hi to Matt Aporta and Stronger, Faster, Healthier.  

Teen Strength and Conditioning Intro Today · 7 February 2015

In teams of 2, AMRAP 20 minutes:1 deadlift1 squat clean1 front squat1 push jerkOnly one partner working at a time.  Partners must complete full sets before trading off.  Partners can complete one or many sets at a time before trading off.  Teen Strength and Conditioning Intro Today Come join Trevor at 11am for an intro […]

Why I’m Doing the Open – Emily Eley · 4 February 2015

Teen Strength and Conditioning – Free Intro ClassSaturday, February 7th at 11:00am. All Teens welcome. Click here to sign up. For time:30 medicine-ball cleans, 20-lb. ball30 ring dips30 medicine-ball cleans, 20-lb. ball30 chest-to-bar pull-ups30 medicine-ball cleans, 20-lb. ball30 push-ups30 medicine-ball cleans, 20-lb. ball Why I’m Doing the Open – Emily Eley Today’s Open athlete spotlight is on Emily Eley! […]

Drinking Candy · 31 January 2015

5min AMRAP of:2 thrusters (135/95)2 burpees over the bar4 thrusters4 burpees over the bar6 thrustersand so on…Rest. Then…5min AMRAP of:20 kb swings (24/16)20 hand-release pushups Drinking Candy This video is hilarious.  Watch it.  

Gettin’ Judgy with It · 29 January 2015

Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:275-lb. deadlifts, 10 reps20 GHD sit-ups Getting Judgy with It Whoo!  Unh, unh, unh, unh, Hoo cah cahHah hah, hah hahBicka bow bow bump bumpWhat, what, what, whatHah hah hah hahOn your mark ready set let’s goRoots floor pro I know you knowI go psycho when the Open […]

Why I Did the Open – Brenda Bonilla · 27 January 2015

Please note, the Erg WOD has been cancelled today as Lauren is out sick.  Get well soon Lauren! Holleyman30 rounds for time of:5 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball3 Handstand push-ups225 pound Power clean, 1 repHolleyman is the last benchmark work for January.  Come log you score and compare to October! Why I Did the […]

Friday Night Lights Open Series Schedule · 25 January 2015

Roots details the schedule for the 2015 Open series.

Catch the Fever… · 25 January 2015

Tabata This!Tabata rowRest 1 minuteTabata squatRest 1 minuteTabata pull-upRest 1 minuteTabata push-upRest 1 minuteTabata sit-up Catch the Fever… Are you signed up for the Open? Check out this series (Part 1) of why folks at Roots participated in the Open last year and plan to do so again in 2015! Why I Did the Open […]

Winter Class Additions and Changes · 23 January 2015

Four sets for times and efficiency:10 Box Jumps (30″/24″)10 Toes to Bar10 Alternating Pistols Rest. Then… Four rounds for time of:5 Squat Cleans (185/125 lbs)10 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups20 Double-Unders Winter Class Additions and Changes We wanted to highlight a few winter schedule additions and changes. First, we will now offer an Olympic Weightlifting for CrossFit class […]