Build up to a heavy power clean for the day.

Stef, Matt, and Gator sprint up the stairs because they love running so much. Who's hiding behind Stef? Can anyone identify?

WOD 1.0 Monday and Tuesdays Starting Next Week

Read below for details on the revamped WOD 1.0 class that hits the schedule Monday AND Tuesdays at 5pm starting this coming week.

We got a lot of great feedback about Ali’s start-up of the WOD 1.0 class.  Below are details on the next iteration of this class.

The WOD 1.0 class was designed for folks who are looking for a great transition from Foundations to group class, those who have been CrossFitting for 6 months or less, those coming back after a period away from CrossFit, or those who are looking for a class that does CrossFit in its purest sense.  The class strays from the regular group WOD programming to focus on workouts and skill sessions that refine and develop the 9 Foundational Movements and basic bodyweight movements in a still high intensity, but lower overall volume, set-up.  The class mimics the regular WOD class in terms of structure (warm-up, skill/practice, workout, warmdown) and commits daily practice to a designated monthly skill.

Come join Ali and Nicole on Monday to check it out!