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CrossFit Endurance Summer Program Sign-up Now Open.


CrossFit Endurance Summer Program Sign-up Now Open.

400m run
30 back squats
400m run
20 front squats
400m run
10 overhead squats

The members of the inaugural CrossFit Endurance program have been at it for 12 weeks. What was it like? Was it worth the struggle? Post to comments.

CrossFit Endurance Summer Program Sign-up Now Open.

Are you still training using those same old long-slow distance training plans? Are you tired of spending excessive time training and nursing those nagging overuse injuries? Are your PRs few and far between? Are you ready to try something radically different? This is not your average running group or training plan.

The next CrossFit Endurance program kicks off June 11th and runs for 10 weeks.

Summer CrossFit Endurance Session: June 11 – August 16

How does it work?

The schedule is below. To participate in the program, you must be able to make 3 of the 4 sessions/week on a regular basis. Each week builds on the previous work, so it’s important to be there!  This program is not easy and it requires commitment. Team members will have access to all workouts and can make up missed workouts at Open Shop or with other Team members outside of regular workouts.

CFE Program Schedule: 
  • Monday at 6 AM – CFE Run (alternate option at 4PM on Mondays)
  • Monday at 12:30 CFE WOD
  • Wednesday 6 AM–CFE Run
  • Thursday 12:30–CFE WOD
  • 2 group WODs as desired

Program Structure and Cost

  • 2 CrossFit Endurance running workouts per week with the team
  • 2 CFE Strength and Conditioning WODs per week with the team (similar to CrossFit WODs in terms of structure and exercises, but designed for the needs of an endurance athlete)
  • 2 regular group classes of your choice per week at Roots
  • The cost of the program is $600 for the 10 week session (replaces your current Roots membership)

Not sure if this is for you?  It is!  Read here for more details on the structure and design of the program.

How Do I Sign Up?
The Summer Session is limited to 15 athletes.  To sign-up, email  [email protected]com and say “I’m in!”.

3 Responses

  1. Wendy

    Because of Crossfit Endurance, I can no longer say “I don’t run – Running is for people with long legs!”
    CFE was great for me, as I learned so much about what I am capable of, both mentally and physically. I never had a 5K time and didn’t even now the distance around a track! Now I get excited when we run big so that I can compare my times from a month ago! If you keep track of every workout, it’s fun to watch times go down – and they do!
    I’m not gonna lie, the first couple of weeks were brutally exhausting! You have to commit to the 4 CFE workouts, and you’ll want a standard WOD or two to keep connected with your peeps at the gym. If you don’t truly commit, I feel that you will not get everything you can from this program.
    The highlights: Learning that my quickest 800 in a set of 10 comes in at lap 7 and 8! What???
    Having a 5k time, then beating that 5k time a month later!
    Mentally hanging in for some of the crazy shit – like running up Settlers Park!
    The Lowlights: Running in a vest. Sandbag lunges.
    When it’s all said and done next week, I’m gonna miss the team, the comraderie, and Tracie’s smiling face at 5:30 am. I no longer fear CrossFit workouts with running component. If a WOD reads “run 800 3 times” I no longer dread it! I now think to myself, without a 2 mile warmup- RAD!
    Hope this helps some of you who are on the fence… It’s tough, but y’all are CrossFitters!
    Do it and then commit to it.

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