Front squat

Andrea steps into the competition because, she was ready for anything!  Way to rock it!

Turkey Challenge Wrap-up

Nothing says it’s Thanksgiving like a gathering of 6-pack abs, board shorts, tall socks, and barbells.  Read on for Shane’s recap of the event.

The annual MBS Turkey Challenge is what I’m talking about.  Last year, Roots won the single-day event and this year we sent 4 teams to the 2 day showdown with some of the best of what Colorado has to offer.  3 teams competed in the open division and one in the Rx division.

Each team consisted of 2 males and 2 females and team names ranged from “2 snatches and some jerks”, to “that’s not gravy”, and “thor and 3 ninjas”.  The event included 6 total wods spread over 2 days.  The athletes had things thrown at them like jumping rope with a 10ft section of climbing rope, bar muscle-ups, the bear complex, and partner wallball 2fer1’s over the pullup bar.  Highlights of the weekend included:

  • Blaine’s 235# sprint attempt at 3 rounds of the Bear with only 45s on the clock.  He missed it but had already solidified 225#.
  • GoodTimes’ hitting a pace in the 1:20’s on the row sprints.
  • Andrea’s impromptu substitution for a sick athlete on another Roots team to help them get through the final wod of the weekend.
  • Lisa C’s 100 unbroken double-unders only to be followed by a second set of 70 unbroken on the final wod.
  • Team CrossFit Roots’ 6th place finish in the Rx division.

The entire weekend was a great display of performance from all the Roots Athletes.  There were more inspiring moments then I have time to write about.  Several athlete’s made their first competition appearance and I think they all learned a little something about themselves and came out a little stronger on the other end.

We would like to thank Blaine Guenther, Lucie, Ali, Walker, Jake, Jake “Fudgestik”, Laura, Lisa, Johnathan, Ryan, Andrea, Janet, Sampo, Ben’O, Mango, and Heather.  Thank you all for putting your all on the line and representing Roots!

Even if you have no aspirations to be a CrossFit Games Competitor we encourage you all to go out and try a competition.  You will push yourself beyond what you thought imaginable, gain an appreciation for all the other CrossFitter’s out there and the effect CrossFit has had on bringing communities together, and you may even come home with a trophy!