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12th in the Southwest Region!


12th in the Southwest Region!

For time:
95 pound barbell Thrusters, 10
15 Bar-facing burpees
95 pound barbell Thrusters, 20
25 Bar-facing burpees
95 pound barbell Thrusters, 30
35 Bar-facing burpees

Cindy took 10th in Event 4, or as it was quickly nicknamed, The 100s.

Cindy took 10th in Event 4, or as it was quickly nicknamed, The 100s.

12th in the Southwest Region!

This past weekend was a true testament to hard work and the achievement of a goal.

The CrossFit season is one of the longest out there.  Athletes prep for months leading into the start of the Open with the season culminating at the Regionals or the Games making for a 7-9 month in-season.  Athletes all over the world finish their season each year at The Open, and fueled with adrenaline and drive, vow to do everything in their power to come back better the next year.  Their goal is to qualify for regionals and to do it, they will address weaknesses, fix deficiencies, and stay the course of dedication for the next 12 months.  Few take the initial steps, and even fewer weather through the long 12 months.

Cindy Arangua finished 119th in the CrossFit Open in 2012 and did not qualify for Regionals.  She vowed to change that in 2013.

In September of 2012 coach Zac and Cindy met after Julie Egbert introduced the two.  Julie wanted Cindy to get training that would prepare her specifically for The Open.  Zac began coaching Cindy and focusing mainly on her weaknesses.   Long work days landed her training in the garage with heaters.  Cold barbells, gloves, snow, and the will to battle it out made her stronger.  Balancing two kids, work, and CrossFit programming made life busy.

In January, Cindy walked into Roots after Zac recommended she add some group classes to her training program.  Having untapped athletic potential and the heart of a ferocious, yet smiling, tiger, she worked to learn the ropes of balancing technique and intensity in a competitive class setting – and she did it with a never ending gracious and warm (albeit sometimes stubborn;) approach.

Her hard work paid off this weekend with a 12th place finish at the Southwest Regional in Salt Lake City, Utah.  That’s right, in one year, she went from 119th to 12th.  

Cindy fought injury after injury through The Open and each week she questioned whether she would be healthy enough to finish the five weeks.  You never would have known she was battling injury though because once she heard the 3-2-1–Go!, it was all go and she finished The Open in 31st place, earning a spot to the Regionals.  Goal achieved.  And, oh shit, now let’s prep for Regionals!

Charlie Merrill was instrumental in keeping her healthy through her training for regionals and Zac helped her make the most progress in the two months between The Open and Regionals.  Healthy going into this weekend, but somewhat overwhelmed at the test ahead, she left for Salt Lake City with a healthy balance of nervousness, preparation, “let’s just do the damn thing” attitude, and a little bit of self-doubt.  

But the self-doubt would wither away over the course of the weekend as with each event she got progressively tougher and proved to herself that she had earned the right to play with the big girls.  Her confidence and smile grew throughout the weekend.  In the warm-up area she talked to everyone and stayed positive.  After Event 5, the deadlift/box jump workout, she was stoked – because she took 4th place!  

Cindy, we speak for the entire Roots crew of athletes when we say that we are so proud of you.  You earned every piece of your journey!

See Cindy’s full weekend performance here. 

11 Responses

  1. Lucie

    Cindy!!! You are a ROCKSTAR!!! We stayed up till 1am last night to watch you live!!! You were awesome and I couln’t believe the effort. Can’t wait to celebrate with you badass…

  2. Ben O'Brien

    Awesome! Impressive. Those workouts scare me to contemplate and you rocked them. Good job.