4 rounds for time:
Row 250m
12 thrusters (105/75)
rest 90s

Alice and Randall fly in from the start of Saturday's workout, which involved a 3,000m bike!

Alice and Randall fly in from the start of Saturday’s workout, which involved a 3,000m bike!

New Skills and Past Skills Survey

At last week’s Coaches Meeting we evaluated the skill programming that the shop has completed for the past three months.  If you recall, back in May, we set out to complete a skill session as part of the group class timeline three days a week.  The skill work was all pre-programmed work based around the development of three skills:

handstand push-ups
chest-to-bar pull-ups (or kipping, or deadhang)

Over the past few months, the skill work amounted to 400-500 handstand push-up repetitions, 350-450 toes-to-bar or kips, and 350-400 chest-to-bar or pull-up repetitions depending on the individual and their rep scheme and sets.

So first, we want to hear from you – did the skill sessions and consistent practice make a difference?  Can you do something you once could not?  Did you PR a WOD because of a skill development?  Let us know!  Post to comments.

NEXT UP, we now take a break from the above set of skills and introduce to you three new skills!

rope climbs
ring dips
GHD hip extensions

The new skill sessions are rolling out this week!