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14.2 Announced Tonight!


14.2 Announced Tonight!

Row 2k
50 super strict push-ups

14.2 Announced Tonight!

You know the drill!  Tonight is the LIVE announcement of the second 2014 CrossFit Open workout. We’ll have it up on the big screen at 6pm.

What do you want to see come out of the ol’ hopper tonight??

4 Responses

  1. Abby

    It can only be so many things… SInce two movements are out of the 22 Open movement line-up I’m guessing something having to do with squatting (cleans, thrusters, wall balls) and possibly a combination of two movements along the way. That being burpees and box jumps! But then again, who knows!!

  2. Maggie F

    Shane had a great idea for my ideal Open WOD: Mobility for time! Fingers and toes and legs and arms crossed. 😉