2 rounds for time:
1 mile medball run (20/16)
Rest 4 minutes

Study Reveals Sizable Increase in Diabetes Among Children

Hold up!  Before you suck down that soda or hand a sugar packed Kids Clif bar to your child as they run out the doors, check out this study!
A recent study of more than three million children 20 years or younger across five states, including Colorado, found a 30 percent increase from 2001 to 2009 in childhood Type 2 diabetes.

What’s funny to us about this article is that there is not a mention of the overconsumption of refined carbohydrate being a part of the problem!

Check out the article here. 

Thanks Nicole Speer for sending us this article.

Do you give your kids sugar-laden foods?  Do you try to limit it?  How do you find a “healthy” balance between teaching your child to make good choices and helping to protect them from a sugar-laden world?  Post to comments.