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Study Reveals Sizable Increase in Diabetes Among Children


Study Reveals Sizable Increase in Diabetes Among Children

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Study Reveals Sizable Increase in Diabetes Among Children

Hold up!  Before you suck down that soda or hand a sugar packed Kids Clif bar to your child as they run out the doors, check out this study!
A recent study of more than three million children 20 years or younger across five states, including Colorado, found a 30 percent increase from 2001 to 2009 in childhood Type 2 diabetes.

What’s funny to us about this article is that there is not a mention of the overconsumption of refined carbohydrate being a part of the problem!

Check out the article here. 

Thanks Nicole Speer for sending us this article.

Do you give your kids sugar-laden foods?  Do you try to limit it?  How do you find a “healthy” balance between teaching your child to make good choices and helping to protect them from a sugar-laden world?  Post to comments. 

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  1. Nicole S

    We constantly give our kids information on why sugar is bad, but still let them choose to have a sugary treat once/week if they want it. Then when they are inevitably feeling awful afterwards, we point out the connection between their sugary treat and how they feel (not as an “I told you so” but as a chance for them to observe how awful sugar makes them feel). We think experience is the best teacher which is why they can sometimes choose to have sugar, but we limit their intake pretty severely because we don’t want to set our kids up for health problems down the road by letting them get addicted to sugar so early in their lives.