thrusters (95/65)


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Athletes were introduced to the peg board for the first time in the second to last event.

2015 CrossFit Games Recap

The 2015 CrossFit Games came to an end Sunday night and a new male and female stood atop the podium.  After 4 days and 13 events, Ben Smith and Katrin Davidsdottir are the 2015 CrossFit Games Champions.

Events kicked-off Wednesday with some very non-typical CrossFit workouts including a 2mile paddle board combined with swimming in the ocean and moving hundreds of pounds of sandbags with wheelbarrows resembling mini-tanks.  Day 2 became known as Hero Day as athletes started the morning with Murph and finished with Heavy DT.  Day 3 involved an obstacle course, flipping a 560 lb refrigerator shaped block known as the pig, legless rope climbs, handstand walking, and rounded out with bar muscle-ups and heavy thrusters.  On the final day, athletes were surprised with some completely new movements involving peg board ascents and double kettlebell deadlifts at 203 lb each!  Did you know kettle bells even got that big?!

At the end of the week athletes looked completely spent and rightfully so.  40 each of the world’s fittest men and women showed up to compete but in the end only 2 would walk away with the gold.  All the athletes performed wonderfully and truly demonstrated that the limits of the human body are far from defined.  We’d like to throw out a big congratulations to Camille on winning Event 10, Triangle Couplet, and finishing 13th overall.