Sandy getting in his work on the GHD.

Sandy getting in his work on the GHD.

In just ten days we’ll throw down on the third installation of the 2016 Cool Cruel Summer Series.

And, for the first time in CCS history – it’s a partner workout! Read below for details on scaling options and start tracking down someone you’d like to do the workout with!

The workout is Horton:

9 rounds for time with a partner of:
9 bar muscle-ups
11 clean and jerks, 155 lb.
50-yard buddy carry

Bar Muscle-ups
Bar muscle-ups can be scaled by decreasing the number per round to 5 instead of 9. Kids pull-up bar bar muscle-ups and pull-ups and dips will comprise the scaling options for bar muscle-ups. Both partners do not have to do the same option. If one partner can do bar muscle-ups but the other is still working toward them, that is great!

Clean and Jerks
Loading can be scaled for this workout. Unless partners will use loading that is 50 pounds different, partners will use the same barbell and decide on one load for both to use.

50-yard Buddy Carry
If you and your partner want to carry each other – great! If you guys are close, but maybe not that close, you and your partner will have the option to do a sandbag carry instead of the buddy carry.