ALL CLASSES TODAY (THURSDAY) WILL MEET AT NORTH BOULDER PARK. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS. Please meet at the Southwest corner of the park at the intersection of Balsam Ave and 8th St.


Just another typical day at Roots. Scott, Lawrence, Paul, and Matt during the Oly class on Wednesday.

The Colorado Open

The Colorado Open will take place in Denver, Colorado from August 27-29, 2010 at Front Range CrossFit. The Open will include both individual and affiliate team competitions.  These events are a blast!  We encourage everyone to compete at this awesome CrossFit community competition.

Individual ($65)
The individual competition will take place Saturday and Sunday with 2 workouts on the first day and 1 workout on the second day. For the individual workouts, athletes will have the ability to scale to any ability level.

Affiliate Team ($50/person)
The Affiliate Team Competition consists of 2 men and 2 women.  There will be one affiliate team workout each day (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).  There is no substitutions so Affiliate Team athletes must be able to attend all three days.  In general, the Affiliate Team workouts will be heavier and require more skill.  From the Colorado Open website: All Affiliate Team members will need to be able to do muscle-ups and handstand push-ups. The Affiliate Team workouts will not be scaled.

Read this next bit carefully: The scoring for the Affiliate Team Competition will be the total scores from each Team Workout, plus the top male and female score from your Affiliate in each individual workout.  So every athlete that you bring to compete has the potential to help your Affiliate Team’s result.

To clarify that last bit, anyone who competes as an individual has the potential to help our affiliate team.  For example, if Tracy Emmanuel scores 1st place in the first individual workout, her score is added to our Roots affiliate team score.  In short, individual competitors have the ability to better the affiliate team score as well as compete for an individual title.  Whoa!

If there is interest, Roots will take an affiliate team to the competition.  Affiliate Team members may not also compete individually. You must choose one or the other.

Potential Exercise and Loads

A list of potential exercises and the max possible load will be posted tomorrow.  Remember, the individual workouts can be scaled for anyone’s ability level.

So, who’s coming with us?:) Post to comments if you are interested in competing as an individual OR on an affiliate team. Also post any questions and we’ll respond throughout the day.

As a side note – ladies, we need another woman who can rep out muscle-ups AND handstand push-ups.  You’ve got 7 weeks to make it happen!