3 rounds for time:
15 overhead squat (95/65)
20 wallball
400m run

Number 5 – Cook only with animal fats or coconut oil.

By now it should be very clear that we love fat and hope you do too; however, it’s important to have a basic knowledge of the fat that’s out there and which fats are best for cooking.

Saturated Fats (SFAs – Saturated Fatty Acids
Very stable, high heat resistance, semi-solid or solid at room temperature
Examples include animal fat, coconut oil, butter, lard

Monosaturated Fat (MUFAs – Monosaturated Fatty Acids)
somewhat stable, some heat resistance, liquid at room temperature but are semi-solid at colder temperatures
Examples include: nuts, olives, avocados

Polyunsaturdated Fat (PUFAs – Polyunsaturdated Fatty Acids)
unstable, little to no heat resistance, liquid 
Examples include: peanutbutter, margarine, sun flower seed oil, sesame, soy, corn and sunflower-seed oils

When cooked at high temperatures (in frying pans, in the oven, on the grill) nut and seed oils are damaged by the heat and become rancid and denatured.

The most healthy and stable fats to cook with are animal fats.


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