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Find the Beautiful Combination


Find the Beautiful Combination

Snatch balance 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Wendy masters the band-free kipping pull-up, Ted maintains a healthy CFR attendance three weeks prior to the birth of his first child, Olivia has a BREAKTHROUGH in her air squat, and Alex hangs tough in the WTF Challenge. Things are happening at Roots. Happening.

Aligning Strength and Technique

Many factors go in to your maximum potential in a lift.  Fueling, sleep, and recovery are a few examples as well as the balance between strength and technique.

Take for example the push press.  What factors determine your one rep max in a push press?  Strength is one.  The pure brute strength of an athlete plays a role in the amount of weight he or she can drive overhead.  The other factor is technique, which in the push press includes a solid upright dip (where the chest does not cave forward) and a tight midsection.

An athlete can continue to get stronger but if their strength is lain over a weak foundation of technique, they will never excel.

So what does this mean?  It means that when we allow our strength to overpower our technique, we are headed for a world of decreased potential and plateau.

It takes a step back to go 2 (maybe 3) steps forward.  The athlete must accept that their level of technique dose not feed their current max effort, but rather hinders it; however, better technique with their current strength level would support a max effort more than 20% greater than their current level.

Everyday athletes are faced with this choice.  Strength or technique or a beautiful combination of the two.

Find the beautiful combination and you will go far.


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