Five rounds for time of:
10 Wall climbs
10 Toes to bar
20 Box jumps, 24″ box

A Week of Meals in Pictures, Day 5

The Same Boring Good Stuff or the Same Crap

This evening while putting together the 5th day of Meals in Pictures, I commented to Eric that I eat a lot of the same stuff over and over and that my food, in pictures, actually looks pretty boring.  He replied, “Most people eat boring stuff, even people who eat crap food tend to eat the same crap food over and over.” Good point.

Many times when people ask us about Paleo, one of their first questions is, “What do you eat for breakfast?”  My answer is usually eggs with vegetables and/or fruit and they reply, “That sounds boring.”  Yes, true, but ask that same person what they eat for breakfast and they will most likely reply “cereal with milk” or “oatmeal.”  In other words, the same stuff over and over but they don’t think of it as boring.  I personally ate Kashi GoLean Crunch everyday for four (ok it actually took me 5) years in college.  I never once thought, “man, my breakfast is boring.”

Oftentimes when we think about eating great food we define it to ourselves as having to be gourmet, filled with variety, or downright glamorous when in fact great food on a day in, day out Paleo basis is a lot of the same foods.

But I’d rather be Paleo boring than Type II diabetes boring!

Here’s the list of foods eaten so far this week.  As a point of reference, the average grocery store now carries 45,000 different products.
– carrots
– beef (steak and ground)
– clementine
– apple
– chicken
– brussels sprouts
– spinach
– grapefruit
– avocado
– mushrooms
– salsa
– brocoli
– onions
– almonds
– eggs
– bacon
– fish oil
– coffee