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A Week of Food in Pictures Wrap-up


A Week of Food in Pictures Wrap-up

Weighted pull-ups 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

The Total Days of Winter wrapped up last week. Did you miss The Total? Email Nicole to let her know. We will schedule a make-up in the next two weeks.

A Week of Food in Pictures Wrap-up

Last Monday Nicole committed to photographing every meal she ate for the entire week.  We called it A Week of Meals in Pictures. The goal was to get at the fact that yes, we really do eat like this 98% of the time.

The final piece of the project was to take a survey today as to whether or not the week of meals posted was something you would possibly eat.

So, what did you think?  Could you picture yourself eating this way?  Post to comments.

The comments on Monday were filled with great conversation about Paleo, feeding kids Paleo foods, and the cost of Paleo. Bones threw out an additional tweak to the project and said that I should track my cost which I made my best attempt to do. Here were my expenses, with brief explanations where necessary.  I realize this is not very specific at all but I think it is still helpful.

Sunday night grocery trip for Eric and me: Whole Foods – $38.02
Monday morning Whole Foods – 5.40 (grabbed quick lunch stuff for later in the day)
Friday and Tuesday lunch and dinner at Illegal Pete’s – $6.85 x 2
midweek grocery trip to Whole Foods – $30.57
Nicole’s monthly girls-night-out dinner at the Chop House – $47.00
Whole Foods – $40.98

Total grocery bill: $114.97, but not all of it was for me, we fed 3 people in our house this week
Total eating out bill: $60.70 (normally would not include a $50 dinner)
Total ounces converted to dollars of pre-paid beef (from our 1/4 cow): $11.22 (2.5 pounds!)

GRAND TOTAL: somewhere around $84 to feed me not including the Chop House meal.

Notes: Eric’s sister moved in with us on Tuesday so our grocery bill fed three people for the week. The grocery bill obviously does not include my coffee expenses which is roughly $20/week but isn’t really food so I didn’t tally it up.  Eric never eats lunch at home so the grocery bill does not include his lunches.

10 Responses

  1. Gator

    Thanks Molly! Always funny to see myself in a pix lifting heavy sh*t. Who would have thought….

    More importantly — Are you recovered from your ski accident? been worried about you…..

    And yes my comment to Nicole is…I can see myself eating this way. Do you think it will help me get into the 200lb Girls Deadlift Club? I’d even take the 175lb Deadlift Club!!! Good to have goals… but I will say I am pretty excited about the WOD today. Pull ups are my favorite!

  2. JRo


    The glasses look awesome!! 🙂

    Nicole & rest of CF, thanks for all the great posts on paleo. I am hoping one of you might have a suggestion for a problem I have run into baking with almond, hazelnut or coconut flours. Things seems to come out a bit dry. I just tried a bacon/green chili muffin recipe, with a few eggs, some coconut oil and few cups of different flours. The taste is pretty good but I just can’t come up with a solution for how dry they are. Anyone have any suggestions on keeping a savory baked good savory but making it a less saw-dust-like?

    Thanks again for all the great posts! I’m learning tons.


  3. Molly

    Gator, I’ve recovered from my ski incident. Iced and rested for a couple days and that helped. I bet a combination of eating paleo and SELF CONFIDENCE will get you into the 200# DL club. You’re a strong woman and CAN lift heavy sh*t! In the famous words of our wise Oly coach Ryan: “Attack weights fearlessly!”

  4. Molly

    Hey Roots Crew,

    Stephanie Baltz is having surgery today. She could out up to 6 weeks. I put a get well card on the bullentin board for everyone to sign. Thanks!

  5. Molly

    Hey J-Ro,

    I’m not sure what kind of almond flour you use, but I buy it from An almond flour cookbook I have recommends this website over Bob’s Redmill brand which is found in stores. I haven’t had a problem with dryness with using this almond flour.

  6. JRo – When I bake using the gluten free flour (I use the Deby’s blend of tapioca flour, potato starch, rice flour) I HAVE to mask the taste of that stuff! So – I try to use things that blend INTO the flour….like bananas, fruit juice, apple sauce, carrots (for carrot cake). Mix your green chile INTO the flour and see it that helps to disguise the taste of the flour. Goo it up, girl!

  7. Bones

    Nicole, thanks for taking the time to photograph EVERYTHING you ate, and for doing a great job estimating the cost. While your cost was about 60% higher than average, I would observe 2 things: (1) the quality was 4 – 5 X higher; and (2) a one week tally is probably not a good sample. My guess is that your per person per week costs would nudge down closer to $50 – $60 if you tracked it for several months or an entire year. Thanks again for this “food for thought”. And Gator – way to kick some ass!

  8. Gator

    Lori — I saw you pull 26+ lbs today on a dead hang pull-up. Damn…. Now that’s Bad Ass!! Love that your back girl….

    JRo — MISS YOU!!! No more Wednesday Strength Class lunch breaks??? Maybe Try adding more oil or eggs….or like Molly suggests… get the good almond flour from nutsonline. or actually send an email to Olivia. She is an EXPERT at baking Paleo and keeping stuff from being dry….. she can fix anything!