30 Muscle-ups for time
If you can not yet do a muscle-up, do 30 scaled muscle-up progressions.

Details on Roots Community Day

Ok folks, the fun is upon us!  Tomorrow is the CrossFit Open Workout 11.3 and Roots Community Day.  Festivities begin at 9:00am with the workout and then transfer over to a full on barbecue and social event at 11:00am.  Details on the event can be found in this post. Welcome CrossFit Verve and MBS CrossFit!

Better yet, just go ahead and sign-up for the workout here!

We’ll provide the burgers, if you’d like to volunteer to bring a Junk Burger Bar side (which would be great!) click here to sign-up.

A Recap of a Cool Day at Roots

On Thursday morning we held the first of two Spring Fuel Challenge Info Sessions.  We had a great turnout and everyone seemed to be jiving with the lecture on food, metabolism, Paleo, and the challenge.  I wrapped up with the rules for this challenge, which yes, are heftier than in past challenges, but for the shortest period we’ve rolled out yet – 30 days.  I sensed the disappointment and nervous faces in the crowd and at the conclusion I heard different reasons why people could not participate.  I was a little nervous that maybe we wouldn’t get the buy-in we had for past challenges.

But then the coolest thing happened.

The first three people to tell me they were doing the challenge were college kids.  That’s right, Megan, Odie, and Patrick stepped up to the plate.

I could go on and make a ton of excuses for a college kid on why this challenge would be “too hard” – the money to participate, the college lifestyle and the rules of this challenge, and the dorm/college house food and environment – but I don’t need to because obviously our college kids have their shit together.

Megan, Odie, and Patrick I am proud of you guys.  You’re going to kill this challenge and you set a tremendous example to everyone at the shop.

The second Spring Fuel Challenge Info Session is Sunday, April 10 at 2:00pm.  If you came to the challenge today and need to get your numbers taken, please come at 3:30pm on Sunday.

Mobility Class Sign-up!

Round 2 of Shane’s wildly successful mobility class.  Sign-up here!