21-15-9 reps of:
225 pound Deadlift
Handstand push-ups

REMINDER!: The 6pm class today is an Air Squat Clinic!  Come expose some of the faults in your basic air squat and learn some techniques to fix it during and outside of a workout.  Sign-up as usual on MBO.

AND: Mobility Seminar Sign-up here.

CrossFit Open Workout 11.3 and Roots Community Day was a blast! Who's interested in a similar day when we host Workout 11.6 in three weeks? Post to comments.

Starting Off on the Right Foot

Alright folks, here we go.  The spring fuel challenge kicks off on Wednesday.  We hope that you’ve put some thought into how to best start this challenge.

Here’s a how to guide on the shopping trip (which you should all be doing today or tomorrow):

1. Look over the week’s food plan and decide which meals you will make.
Breakfast and lunch are pretty straight forward but look at the dinner options and pick three or all four to start with.
2. Write out your food menu for the week.
That’s right, breakfast and lunch might just be reminders, but list the dinner item you plan to make each night on a calendar or piece of paper on your counter.  For example, Wednesday – steak/brocoli, Thursday – chili, Friday – leftovers, Saturday – squash soup…etc.  That way there’s no lost time thinking about what to make or remembering to prep the right foods.
3. Write out a list that pulls all of the ingredients into the number of servings you will need for your household.
For example, if three people in your house will eat three eggs for breakfast each day for five days, then you need to buy 4 dozen eggs.  I know, some of you are thinking, what!?, 4 dozen eggs?  Remember, you can swap in any other meat for breakfast that you’d like, as long as it meets the requirements.  Eggs just make for an EASY grab and go, especially when hardboiled.

ALSO, do you need or want a Spring Fuel Challenge Sponsor?  Or, are you somewhat of an expert and willing to help a newbie?  Post to comments if you’re interested in a challenge buddy and we’ll hook you up.

Making a grocery list is easy, especially when you have meal options right infront of you! Refer to your packet, make a list, and go shopping.