1000 meter row
45 pound Thruster, 50 reps
30 pull-ups

Goal Collages

When I was in college, I was possessed.  Possessed by a certain times that I wanted to swim both the 100 and 200 breaststroke.
I ate what I thought was good food, I slept, I stretched, I did my dry-land training religiously, I practice technique outside of regular group practices – and I pasted every wall (including my computer desktop) with pictures of athletes swimming breaststroke.  It’s not a wonder boys didn’t want to date me in college because when they walked into my dorm room they were met with 100 pictures of women swimming breaststroke.
My desktop background was a MASTERPIECE.  Over a good 4-6 hours (sorry Mom and Dad, I wasn’t studying chemistry) I tiled together 20 or so pictures in Word, exported it to a jpeg and then spent another 3 hours trying to get it to size right for the dimensions of my computer.  Every time I opened my computer, I saw it, and I was reminded of my goal.
Goals, while fantastic, can wither to fleeting memories if we don’t put them in the right place.  What is that place?  It’s a place where we are constantly reminded of the end result we want to achieve.
In the past few weeks I’ve seen numerous magazine articles and blog posts about vision boards – or what I have always called collages.  Basically, making a poster that reminds you of and directs you to your goal.
With the power of the internet and our generally tech savvy athletes, I think vision desktops might fit our Boulder crew just right!
So pick a shop goal and go to town with the power of Google Images.
You never know, the thing that might be missing in your goal seeking is a constant reminder that it is attainable.