Five rounds for time of:
185 pound Deadlift, 15 reps
15 Toes to bar

Tommy and his wife Katie (also a Roots athlete) have four kids!

Meet a Root – Tommy

The Meet a Root series was created to get to know the folks you’re sweating it out next to!  Next up, Tommy Lorden!
  • Months CrossFitting?   11
  • Favorite WOD or lift (pick one)?   Yesterdays.
  • Least favorite WOD or lift (pick one)?   Tomorrows.
  • What do you do for work? (career)    Managing Broker of Buyers Slice Realty, where “You find the home. I close the deal. We split the commission!”
  • What is your favorite thing about CrossFit?   Group setting and downtown location.
  • What is your least favorite thing about CrossFit?   Being reminded I can’t run.   (Knee.)
  • Do you have any goals in CrossFit?  Anything specific you want to accomplish?  (muscle up, pull-up, handstand push up, body-weight squat)    Body-weight squat
  • When you’re not CrossFitting, what activities keep you busy?   Fly-fishing!
  • Where were you born/raised?  Rockford, IL
  • Married, kids, family?    Katie (5:30am Crossfitter) and I have 2 boys & 2 girls, aged 5-10.
  • How do you make CrossFit a part of your weekly schedule?   I pencil in my favorite slot (9am) in advance.
  • Any favorite stories from Roots or a group class?  Funny, comical, happy, cool?….I saw someone look for an “R” or “L” on a dumbbell once.
  • Anything you’d like to add?    Our 2-party system is broken.  Both parties suck.