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Welcome Home.


Welcome Home.

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5 rounds for time of:
400 meter run
95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps

Eric, Lauren, Shane, Ryan, Stef, Nicole, Zac, Ali, and Walker welcome you to the new home of CrossFit Roots!

CrossFit Roots Finds a New Home

Yesterday, we sent a very special email to our members announcing that we had found a new home.  Today, we’re telling everyone!

Eric and I and the coaches are excited to announce that we have found a new home for CrossFit Roots.  While the space at 8th and Pearl will always have a special place in our hearts, we are ecstatic about the move and the opportunities we will be able to offer to you, our athletes.

We know you’ll be happily overwhelmed with a little more breathing room.  We’ll keep you posted on the exact move-in date but we will make the move this fall.

There will be many many great things at the new location – a few to note are additional class availability, athlete hangout and mobility areas, bathroomS (plural!), showers, a location along the Goose Creek bike path, and more parking.

To us, CrossFit is organic health and fitness. It is pure and back to fitness basics, back to the roots.  Trees have roots and trees are strong, they grow, adapt, survive, bloom, reseed, and outlast.  This embodies the athletes we want to create and mold at our affiliate.  CrossFit Roots has been, and will always be, a return to the heart of athleticism.

So last but not least, where is the space?

2400 30th Street
Boulder, CO 80301

We’ll keep you as up to date as we are over the next few months as we build-out the new space and prepare to make the transition.

34 Responses

    1. Anonymous

      HA!  Cavernous for now.  Just wait until we fill it up with 2 training areas, a wall of Oly platforms, 2 showers, 2 bathrooms, an office, an athlete hangout area, oh, and a TON of new equipment!  SO EXCITED.  We’ll post more pics to Facebook.  There are two LARGE roll top garage doors which we’re replacing with glass pained doors – sweet view of the Flatirons!

  1. Grandpa Mojo

    That space is AWESOME! – Hello rope climbs! – Hey, I’d be more than happy to pitch in and help set up the space – as I am sure other Roots folks would too. – Let us know how we can help.

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks G’Pa Mojo.  We’re under control (for now) although I’m sure we’ll think up some fun way to “move the shop for time.”  🙂

  2. Love it!  And I really love the CONSTANT effort over the last 2 years to continually offer more for us.  From spending money expanding the current shop many times to the new equipment and class times.   Thanks for keeping us fit and giving us even more ways to work on it.  I can’t wait for rope climbs and permanently hanging rings!  

  3. Davis Hart

    I think I’m the last to know since I didn’t get the email (is Roots trying to tell me something?). But this is great news! Close to the HOP as well. Fantastic.

  4. Jasmine

    Nicole, you should post a picture of the shop when you first opened.  My, my has Roots grown!  Looking forward to the new space.  And bathrooms (plural)!  haha…

  5. Ali

    That pic of the 600 sq foot roots is CRAZY!  Totally psyched for all the awesome changes headed ROOTS’ way.  Glad to hear everyone is as pumped as we are 🙂

  6. Fraseronly

    Whoa, holy lots o space Batman, no where to hide now ! With that much wall space you sooooo need a major tagger to drop a huge CROSSFIT ROOTS mural. Its closer to my house a + so less excuse for me to not make it over, another +

  7. Mapleton Hill

    Keep BOTH locations! There are plenty of people that enjoy not having to drive and love the OLD location…

  8. Anonymous

    Super excited for you, Eric, and the Roots staff.  And more excited for all of us, the athletes.  Progress is hard but nothing worth doing is ever easy!  I’ll go wherever I need to to support you guys and to keep benefitting from great work you all do.  

  9. Wendy

    This HUGE space looks fantastic – congratulations on your growth and success!
    (dang – we’re not going to have to throw those wall balls any higher – are we??  Yikes!!)