Annual shop closure Day 3.

Brian Scanlon earned the nickname ScanMan.

Whiteboard Names and Nicknames

Ever wonder why the names Mr. Exercise, Blaster, ScanMan, Sampo, Bird, and KU Molly grace the whiteboard?  Where’s their real name and is Mr. Exercise a joke?

If a new member joins and there is already someone at the shop with the same name, we try to figure out a nickname for the new person.  It’s always best when the person at the shop with the name gives the new person their nickname – hence Jim Rowe’s nickname of Lil’ Jim for Jim Kienholz.  The coaches have also been known to dish out some nicknames based on events at the shop – such as Dave’s question about the blasters we were going to be doing in class, meaning thrusters.

Do you have a nickname at the shop?  If so, how did you get it?

Do you need a nickname at the shop?  Or do you need to give someone a nickname?

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