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Hugs Are Free


Hugs Are Free

CrossFit Roots Annual Shop Closure Day 5.

Zac and Myla enjoy a little R&R during the Roots week long annual shop closure.

Zac Explains That Hugs Are Free

As things stack on top of one another and the ball of life starts rolling faster and faster, STOP and enjoy those things around you. Take a few moments each day to not plan ahead (unless it is to schedule your CrossFit Roots class) and enjoy the environment that you have chosen.  We each have a path that we travel everyday and along that path through the weeks, years, and decades we surrounded ourselves with wonderful people.  I find myself passing by theses wonderful people without enjoying what they have to offer. If it is your kids, loved ones or the ones that make you smile STOP and give them a big hug.

Talking about fitness and logevity we must have a social outlet to allow our minds to expand and release from that fast rolling ball of life.  Physically we need those rest days to be able to come back the next day with a fresh start.  Your mind is no different  Pick a day or two a week to have that oulet and go get a cup of tea, stop and chat with an old amigo, have a bbq, throw a raging fiesta ( with a tweety bird pinata), bask in the sun as you sit in a kiddy pool with your kids, whatever it is use that time to be curious about life and the ones around you!!!
Hugs are free, pass them out to everyone!!!

6 Responses

  1. Greg A

    Great post…for me it’s way too easy to get that hamster wheel spinning out of control and miss the things that are really important in my life…Speaking of hitting the pinata, a lot of research has been done around “play” and it effects on health and productivity. I’d like to introduce you to the National Institue for Play:   Have Fun!!

  2. zender

    Thanks for that Zak, great reminder. let me guess…Myla is doing one armed push-ups on your chest, right? she is the most adorable baby ever.