REMINDER!: FREE Fuel Talk Wednesday, September 21st at 7:00PM for Roots members.  Come learn the ins and outs of sound fueling practices.

800 Meter run
25 Maneaters (DB# 40/25)
400 meter run
25 Maneaters
800 Meter run
1 Maneater = push-up on Dumbells, spread feet row each dumbell in plank to chest, jump to deadlift stance, full clean, and thruster from the full squat.

Announcing the Fuel Your Journey Challenge

We are so very excited to announce the details on the fall 2011 Fuel Your Journey Challenge.  This fall’s food challenge is a straight forward personal challenge.  Athletes who wish to participate can choose one of three options:

  • Paleo Prep School
  • Paleo 101
  • AP Paleo (AP = advanced placement)
  • we will post details on the three options tomorrow
Sign-up and Challenge Details
Challenge cost: $90
The challenge includes:
*kick-off event and goal setting meeting (includes a fuel talk and goal setting, final decision on challenge option, break out group and discussion for each challenge option, intake measurements and photos, weekly meeting time scheduling, and a benchmark workout)
*athlete assignment to a coach
*bi-monthly phone check-ins
*email communication with an assigned coach
*food log monitoring
*challenge packet and resources guide
Challenge kick-off event and start date: Friday, October 7th, 6:00PM