Four rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
95 pound Thruster, 15 reps
15 Pull-ups

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Log Book Pre-Order Starts Today

The official CrossFit Roots Log Book is now available for pre-order at the shop.  We think tracking your progress is a vital component to any goal whether it be performance, nutrition, or a combination of the two.
How do I purchase a log book? Simply go here to pre-order your log-book on MBO.  Books will arrive on or before October 10th.
Do I have to pre-order? No, but we can’t guarantee we’ll order any extras.  If you really want one, go ahead and pre-order it now.  Pre-order price is $18.00, $20.00 after pre-order.
Check out the contents of the log books!:
  • Daily WOD pages to track each workout (this is the bulk of the book)
  • Personal Records section for recording benchmark workouts (they’re all listed!), running and rowing times, and weightlifting maxes
  • Paleo/Zone food block list
  • Lift percentages table
  • Goals worksheet area
  • Packed into an 4×5.5 inch spiral bound notebook, 250 pages
  • Price: $18.00/log book during pre-order

Do you have a log book?  How has it helped your progress?  Post to comments.