Tabata mash-up
push-ups and lunges

Arriving next week, the official Root Up tee. Stand up, get up, WOD up - ROOT

CrossFit Endurance Program Times and Details

CrossFit Endurance kicks off March 1st.  See below for program meeting times and schedule.

CrossFit Endurance meeting times: Mondays 12:00pm or 4:30pm*, Wednesdays at 12:00pm
CrossFit Endurance Strength and Conditioning WODs: Wednesday and Friday at 5:30am
*All classes closed to program participants only except the 4:30pm CFE class which will continue to be available to all CF Roots memberships

Program details: Program includes two CFE workouts, two CFE-WOD workouts, and two regular group Roots WODs of athlete’s choice and time.  Athletes will receive weekly interaction with coach to detail programming as well as additional sport-specific work for bike and swim.

Program cost: $250/month for the three month program (would replace CF membership).  Available to members and non-members.  Non-members require foundations course.  Email for details.

Space limited to first 12 athletes.  Email CrossFit Roots to sign-up.

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