Sign-up HERE to bring a side to the 15.5 Friday Night Lights and Barbecue THIS Friday.  Additional details below.  Also, Food Chalk Talks Monday at 6:30am and Wednesday at 6:00pm.

20min AMRAP:
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 air squats

Cindy is part of the Yearly Benchmark Series.  Log your score!

Ari knocking out muscle-ups during 15.3.

Ari knocking out muscle-ups during 15.3.

A BIG Week!

There is a lot going on this week at Roots, please read below so you’re in the know!

Food Challenge Chalk Talks
Interested in the Spring Food Challenge or already signed up?  Be sure to come to one of two chalk talks this week so you’re in the know and get the details!

  • Monday, March 23rd, 6:30am-7:15am
  • Wednesday , March 25th, 6pm-6:45pm

Camille Does the Live Announcement in VEGAS!
Meet at the shop at 6pm on Thursday, March 28th to watch the live announcement from Las Vegas.  Camille will square off against two former Games champions in a match up that is sure to be exciting.  Good luck Camille!

15.5 Barbecue and CrossFit Open Celebration!
Come celebrate the end of the Open with a special Friday Night Lights.  Roots will host a family barbecue after the event.  Please sign-up to bring a side to share.  Roots will provide the grill and the meat!

Are You a Grill Master?
Roots is looking for a few volunteers to help us with the grilling on Friday night.  If you’re interested, please email [email protected].  And thank you!