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Alice’s Wonderland


Alice’s Wonderland

For total reps
7:00 minutes power snatch (135/95)
5:00 minutes burpees
3:00 minutes double-unders

Check out Alice's deadlift.

Alice’s Wonderland

You walk into the shop and you check the board.  Deadlifts today.  Glancing over the board you see a woman named Alice deadlifted 190 pounds for a 3 rep max.  You later find out that Alice is 5’3″(ish).  Ok, that’s pretty good.  Then you learn that she weighs maybe 115 pounds and every lift was picture perfect.  Ok, we’re catching your attention. But then the kicker – Alice is 54 years old.

Over the past four months Alice has come in to her own at Roots front squatting 120 pounds for reps, doing full blown regular kipping pull-ups with no bands, deadlifting 3×190 like it was her job, and we’re pretty sure she has a handstand push-up in her future.

Alice has always worked hard and pushed herself but she’s also always kept an eye on form.  We’ve heard her say numerous times, “I want to get the form right.”  This takes time but the pay-offs are huge.

Alice, thanks for always bringing an invigorating energy to the 6:30am class and setting an example for every athlete at Roots.  We can’t wait to see what you’re doing when you turn 55!!

Alice - GREAT hair and GREAT deadlifts.

12 Responses

  1. Alice, we haven’t formally met, but you were next to me when we did Grace last week. Nicole told us about your awesome deadlift before the 6 PM class yesterday, and I kept you in mind as inspiration while I was building up my bar thoughout the workout. I didn’t get to 190, but I sure hope to soon! Excellent work!

  2. Julia Uhlendorf Ebert

    Woo Hoo Alice! You are always so much fun to work out with…so upbeat and always supportive. I feel lucky to be part of the 6:30am crowd. 🙂 Love you! And way to ROCK it!