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An Update on the Waitlist


An Update on the Waitlist

NOTE: The Paleo Success Talk has been postponed.  We will update you with the new date shortly!


21-15-9 reps of:
Handstand push-ups
Ring dips


Tracie sends us a picture of five meals worth of leftovers pre-packed and ready for lunches. Are leftover meals forming in your fridge? Post to comments.

Changes to the Waitlist

We wanted to take the opportunity to update everyone on the new waitlist process implemented by MBO.  We are excited about the changes as we think it will give everyone the best chance to take class spots.

In the past, the waitlist system rolled a person into class automatically whenever an athlete in the class cancelled.   This could be 10 or 1 hours before the class.  The downfall of this was that the person who got rolled in off the waitlist might not see the email or be able to come on such short notice AND the class then appeared full when viewed on MBO.

The waitlist system now works like so:
Outside of the 12-hour cancellation window:
If an athlete cancels out of a class 12 or more hours prior to its start, an athlete on the waitlist is automatically rolled into the class.

Inside of the 12-hour cancellation window:
If an athlete cancels out of a class inside the 12-hour window, the computer simply opens up a class space for immediate sign-up.  In other words, the waitlist is locked and athletes are no longer automatically moved into the class.

There are tremendous benefits to this new system.  If an athlete cancels in the middle of the night for an AM class and an athlete wakes up to see a spot, they can grab it.  Otherwise, an athlete on the waitlist would have been given the spot but there’s no guarantee that they would be awake to see the email.

Bottom line is that if you’re trying to attend a class within the 12-hour window prior to it’s start, check the website and if the class says 9/10, you can sign-up.

If this sounds confusing, just ask us, we’re happy to explain.

4 Responses

  1. First mobility class is this Sunday morning. GET SIGNED-UP! If flexibility and mobility is a weakness (and it is for ALL of us) come in and learn what you can do to make it better!

    Look in MBO under Foundations. See yall Sunday.

  2. Wendy

    I hope the new policy was in effect yesterday when I cancelled a coveted Thursday evening workout… hope SOMEBODY got in there!

  3. karin

    Tracie- I will be blown away with awe if you also found matching lids for all those leftovers!
    Thanks, again, for vetting the recipes. They are wonderful!