CrossFit Roots has been open for almost 12 years, and over the years we have been seen the growth and development of hundreds of athletes.

Our community was forged by individuals who believed in CrossFit at their very core. CrossFit spoke to them. It worked. Dusty alleys, rudimentary equipment, and a feeling in your gut that you were part of something that could change the world defined our beginnings. Today, while we may have a nicer set-up, better equipment, and more resources – the DNA that built us still exists.

Our community of athletes, you, possess grit and determination that we all hold dear and must work to pass down to new athletes. As the years have gone by, I have felt the desire to recognize athletes who embody all that is CrossFit, CrossFit Roots, and our community. This recognition would come in the form of a sportsmanship award. 

The Sportsmanship Award at Roots would be:
• One part CrossFit
• One part fire breather 
• One part encouragement and support of others

A CrossFitterone who exemplifies and lives by the CrossFit method and who has a love for sport

A fire breather – One who faces the triumphs and tribulations of great physical opposition with an indomitable spirit. And who has an optimistic energy associated with the heart of an athlete.

Encouragement of others: one who joyfully shares in the support and encouragement of others no matter the task, accomplishment, or achievement. 

It is our pleasure to award the first of this annual award to a longtime member at Roots. This member walked through our doors in 2010 and since that day he has exemplified what it means to be a CrossFitter. You will never see him sulk, complain, qualify his efforts, or quit in the face of a challenge and his consistent efforts and improvements over a decade are something we can all aspire to.  We have seen this individual get just as excited for someone who got a bodyweight snatch as someone who PR’ed their clean and jerk at 45 pounds during the CrossFit Open. A true lover of sport, the spirit of competition, and the support of others – we have awarded the 2021 inaugural CrossFit Roots Sportsmanship Award to Chris Dizon.