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And the Winner Is…


And the Winner Is…

Announcing the 2012 Processed Food Blows Challenge winning team…

Battle Carb & Lactica

The team of Alyssa, Blaine, and Brad took first place in the 12-team competition that began 6 weeks ago.  A big congratulations to this crew of athletes!  Each team member put in the work in the ways they each needed to in order to be successful on this challenge and reach their goals.

In the numbers:
– combined, the team lost SEVEN inches from their waists
– of the measurements taken before and after (2 for men, 3 for women) the team lost TEN inches
– the team lost 26.4 pounds of body fat over the 6 weeks
– they dropped 9% bodyfat! 

And, they are taking home some great prizes!  Each team member has won:
– a free month of membership at Roots
– a $100 giftcard to Whole Foods
– a $50 giftcard to Lululemon


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