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Announcing the 2012 Crocktoberfest Head Judge!


Announcing the 2012 Crocktoberfest Head Judge!

For time:
185 pound Clean and jerk, 30 reps

Flippin’ Fun.

Announcing the 2012 Crocktoberfest Head Judge!

We are ecstatic, honored, and stoked to announce this year’s Crocktoberfest Head Judge.

She’s smart, she’s witty, and she can spell Paleo forwards, backwards, and in ten different languages faster than you can power snatch your crockpot.  Creator, writer, and director of, her recipes have helped tens of thousands of athletes turn epic FailEO attempts into full fledged monumental rock star successful PALEO lifestyles.

That’s right, this year’s head judge is none other than the one and only Juli Bauer.

She will be assisted by a well-rounded and taste-bud savvy crew of assistant judges:

Shane – Roots coach and writer of InherentAppetite, you’ve probably seen this guy at the front desk with his trusty tupperware more than once!
Taylor – Roots athlete and manager of Boulder’s SALT, this guy’s attention to detail is present in all areas of his life, nothing gets by his tastebuds.
Ryan – Roots coach and lover of all things food.  If your crockpot could play heavy metal, what would it sing?

Grab your crockpot, sign-up for an entry at the front desk or HERE, and we’ll see you at 6pm on Sunday, October 14th.  

8 Responses

  1. Two quick questions: 1. May we bring guests (trying to recruit them to Roots!) to Crocktoberfest? And 2. One person has asked if they can bring something — if so, does it have to be made in Crockpot or can they just bring something Paleo? Thanks!

  2. Stef

    Crockpot entries will be judged on a scale of 1-50 points. (Taste 0-30, Originality/Creativity 0-15, and Presentation 0-5). To be eligible to win, entries must be made IN the crockpot (browning or searing beforehand is ok). You are more then welcome to bring non-crock pot cooked dishes that will be enjoyed by all but not included in the judging.

  3. Molly

    Hey Roots crew,
    Is there anybody signed up for the 6pm WOD that would be willing to switch for my spot in the 5pm WOD? I could only get into the 5pm WOD, but I have a 3 month old puppy with me. I would like to have time to take her home before the WOD so she won’t have to sit out in the parking lot. Let me know, thanks!

  4. Not gonna lie… I’m a little sad about the timing of this and the food challenge (at least for us zoners). But all that means is that next year will be my year to dominate! Watch out Crocktober Fest 2013! 😛