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Baby Bird


Baby Bird

Run 5K.
Skirt Skurry 5K.  
Sign-up on MBO to reserve a space.  If spaces run out, you can participate for $30 with on-site registration. 
Directions.   East on Table Mesa, right before the turnoff for 36 East, on the left hand side, is a dirt road with a sign saying South Campus.  
8:30am check-in, 9:30am race start. 

Jonathan and Abe tackel Rankel during yesterday’s Pick Your Benchmark Friday workouts.

Baby Bird.

It is with our utmost excitement that we let you know that Robert Teuscher Bird (Bobby) was born Friday at 12:03pm, 6lb, 13ox, 20inches.  Baby, Mom (Bird), Dad (Chuck), and Little Bird (Josie) are all doing great.

In November of 2011, Sarah Bird walked into our shop.  8 weeks post pardum and with a killer sense of athlete, she took on CrossFit with the apprehension of a first time Mom and the drive of an athlete at heart.  She worked her way through weighted pull-ups, impressive deads, picture-worthy overhead squats, and…to a second pregnancy.   For the staff at Roots, this pregnancy would be a little different as she was heading in to it with a few years of CrossFit under her belt and with the intention of continuing for the next nine  (really ten) months.

Bird, the past ten months have been nothing but inspirational.  We know, that wasn’t your intention; however, you progressed from month one to month ten with fire when able and with well calculated caution at other times.

I think we speak for all the athletes at Roots when we say you were super fun to watch and workout alongside over the past ten months.

From Roots to the Birds – congrats!

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