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Baby We Were Born to Run, and Deadlift


Baby We Were Born to Run, and Deadlift

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

It’s been 4 months since many of you did the CrossFit Total.  Come on in to retest your deadlift.

Parry's gets push-ups. He knows that the only legitimate push-ups are the ones in which his chest touches the ground and where he pushes back up until his elbows' lock out.

Paleo 2.0 – Personal Fuel Modification

Maybe you joined Roots not too long ago, have made the commitment to class attendance, and are now ready for the next step – food.  Or maybe you have made a number of false starts with our past food challenges.  Or maybe you rocked the house in our past challenges but feel there’s room for more. Or finally, maybe you were SO GOOD through the last challenge but have since fallen on the bandwagon and want to get back to that feel good state. Fear not!  The next wave of Personal Fuel Modification is coming your way.  Stay tuned for details early next week.

Class Schedule Survey

Please take a minute to post to comments answers to the following class schedule survey.

Which of the following additional class times would you like to see offered (post  to comments the letters of your TOP TWO choices)?
A. 8:00AM
B. 9:00AM
C. 4:00PM
D. 7:00PM
E. Saturday at 7:30am

We appreciate your responses.  Thank you.

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