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Back Flips 101


Back Flips 101

Have a 30-inch box jump and 5 consecutive toes-to-bar? Then you have what it takes to learn the backflip! Join Adam LaPlante of Superhuman Academy for a 2-part clinic on the backflip.

Meeting Times

January 20th and 27th, 10am-12pm

Material Covered

Day 1: We will cover everything you need to know to land your first backflip including, proper warm-ups, mechanics, how to spot your friends and all the fun techniques. We will throw a few backflips in by the end of the day!
Day2: We will revisit our warmup, techniques, how to spot, and get right to the rotations!


*Attendees must have a 30-in box jump and 5 consecutive toes-to-bar.

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