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Bad Ass Men.


Bad Ass Men.

5 rounds:
AMRAP 2min:
3 power cleans (155/105)
9 burpees
rest 1 min

Bad Ass Men

And now for the men! Often copied but never duplicated the men of the CrossFit Games earn their spots through thick as nails competition only to find the stakes all the more higher once they reach the world level of competition.

Check-out the cage workout at the 2012 Games.

Who’s your favorite for the men’s competition? Post to comments.

6 Responses

    1. Alison Minton

      That was last year! This year they are doing a triathlon on single speed mtb right now! to listen to coverage.

  1. Grandpa Mojo

    Hey! – if you have Comcast internet (like I do), you can watch it live (and old episodes) on WatchESPN online. Very cool!