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The Women of the CrossFit Games.


The Women of the CrossFit Games.

10 x 2:00 minute intervals of:
Run 200m
3 front squats
Compare to 6/5/2012

If you did this workout on June 5, add 10 pounds to the load used in that workout.  If you did not do this workout on June 5, use 65% of your 1 rep max front squat. 

Bad Ass Women

Shirtless women in short shorts objectified by their sport – or – badass MoFos  with a “suns out guns out mentality”, a contractile potential greater than most men twice their sizes, and a determination that makes any woman want to pick up a barbell and put some heavy shit over head.

The women of the CrossFit Games are straight up phenomenal.  They combine grace and fire and turn in jaw dropping performances year in year out.  Check out the video posted above from last year’s Clean and Jerk/ Rope Climb workout.

Who’s your favorite for the women’s competition?  Post to comments.

2 Responses

  1. Oh man, I love me some Annies (T and S), but I’m looking forward to seeing how Lindsay Valenzuela and Elisabeth Akinwale do this year. I developed an instant crossfit girlcrush on Lindsay after watching her performance in 12.2, and I’ve become a big fan of Elisabeth Akinwale’s blog. Bring on the Games! Can’t wait to watch all these amazing women in action again this year!