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Benchmark Friday


Benchmark Friday

Come on in and hit a benchmark WOD of your choice.  
You can pick a Girl or a New Girl (no Heroes) from any of the options here: CrossFit Benchmark Workouts

If you are unable to make a quick decision, we are happy to help you choose:)  Happy Friday!

Everybody loves a surprise ending!

Which benchmark WOD will you choose and why?

5 Responses

  1. Blakely

    Can’t believe I’m admitting this . . . but I actually enjoyed yesterday’s workout – burpees and all. Maybe its a new girl benchmark WOD . . . minus the hero qualification . . . unless surviving the day with croupy Lula counts as heroic. Looking forward to cheering on the Roots and Verve crew this weekend (pending Lula’s quick recovery). Woohoo! Go Sectionals team – you make us proud!!!!