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Bike to Work Day


Bike to Work Day

Four rounds, each for time of:
800 meter run

Rest as needed between efforts.

Check out the Roots bike rack from last Friday!


Scott and Molly frequently ride their bikes into town.

Did you ride your bike to work today?  Did you take alternative transportation?  Post to comments.

8 Responses

  1. Chad

    I biked to work today. Love having my bike downtown to get around (including to Roots). However probably won’t make it a habit having to come from Erie.

  2. Lawrence

    With people biking to work today I felt like I needed to pick up everyone’s carbon footprint slack so I drove the Explorer.

  3. Brian

    I work from home and today is a rest day for Roots. I might go for a “commute” out to Lyons and back.

  4. Bones

    I cycled in from home (Westminster) as I do about 3 times a week. Roads and bike lanes were PACKED compared to usual. Nice to see, even if it’s only once a year.

  5. Nisha

    Bones, I’d love to know your route in from Westminster. I did Bike-Bus-Bike from Westminster today.

  6. Molly Molter

    I biked into to work today as I do most days when the weather is nice. Got lots of free stuff this morning!