Back Squat

Get ready! The Cool Cruel Summer Series makes its return on Thursday, June 16th and continues for four months on the 3rd Thursday of each month.
What is the Cool Cruel Summer Series?
It’s a series of four CrossFit benchmark workouts voted on by Roots members.
Why would I want to do this?
Because it’s fun…and, it’s fun. Do the series for fun, to set new PRs, meet people who come to the shop at different hours of the day, and have fun. Did we mention to do it for fun?
And what summer series would be complete without wings, wine, and maybe some PaleoPong? We’ll have the option to order food and each event will be BYOB. Mark your calendars for the summer workout and party series now!
MOST IMPORTANTLY – we want to hear from you! Scroll through the CrossFit Benchmark workouts (Girls, Heroes, and Named workouts) and POST TO COMMENTS with your top 3-4 choices.