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Crocktoberfest Cookbook


Crocktoberfest Cookbook

REMINDER: All Saturday workouts at Centennial Middle School.  And be sure to check out the 5K opportunity in yesterday’s post!  Don’t miss it!

1000 meter Row
Rest 4 minutes
Dumbbell “Tabata” Thrusters

Heat 2 at the Barbells for Boobs fundraiser. Cami, Lisa, John, Iron Dave, Molly, Charlie, Hammer, Cal, Decker, and Sugar get after it for a great cause.

2012 Crocktoberfest Cookbook

It’s here!  The first ever product of the annual Crocktoberfest – the 2012 Cookbook.

Download the PDF here.

Thanks to Odie for putting this together and to everyone who contributed their recipes.

Also, be sure to check out Juli Bauer’s post on her blog PaleOMG where she dishes on her judging experience at the event (we asked her to judge – and she said YES!).  Thanks again for coming Juli!


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