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CrossFit Endurance: Fall Session!


CrossFit Endurance: Fall Session!


Backsquat (Week 9)
4 rounds:
25 KB swings (24/16)
10 burpee

The above video was too hard to pass up.   I came across it while searching (for a LONG time) for a YouTube video of Lu Xiaojun’s world record in the 77kg weight class yesterday in London.   If anyone can find the video, please post to comments – it’s insane!

CrossFit Endurance: Fall Session!

Roots Endurance Program Fall Session Trains for the Boulder Backroads Half Marathon.

The Roots Endurance Team has completed an impressive showcase of races this summer. From adventure races to 10ks to multi-day stage races, this crew has done it all. We are going to cap off this season with a team effort in our own backyard.

Whether you are an Endurance Team veteran or have always thought a half marathon was out of reach, this is your chance. Spend 9 intense weeks in CrossFit Endurance and combine running (less volume, more intensity) with strength and conditioning (CrossFit) that is geared toward endurance athletes. Athletes of all levels are welcome; the only requirement is a willingness to GO HARD. We will train for and race the Boulder Backroads Half (full marathon and 5 mile options available as well) on October 21st to complete the program.

Dates: mid-August thru October 21 (exact start date will be posted Monday)
Days/Times: Tuesdays at 4 PM; Wednesday and Thursday at 12:30; and Saturdays at 7AM.
Cost: $500 and replaces your current Roots Membership during the program.
* Please note, if you plan to do the fall Roots Endurance Team program, please register for the Boulder Backroads event you wish to run as soon as possible!

For more information on the Roots Endurance Team and the structure of the program, check out the CrossFit Endurance page.

This program is open to current Roots members. If you are not currently a Roots member, but would like to participate in the Roots Endurance Team, email [email protected] for more information.

Put your CrossFit to the test and run the Boulder Backroads Half!


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  1. Grandpa Mojo

    That was f-ing amazing. Would have loved to have been there in person. Did you hear that crowd? Super cool.