On Friday, Oct. 22, Roots will be doing the CrossFit Lift Move Work virtual competition during all group classes! This will be quite similar to the Open – leaderboard and judges in all — but it’s only one day… and we already know the workouts. Read on for an explanation of what the Lift Move Work is, why you should participate, and how to prepare for next week. 

What is the CrossFit Lift Move Work?

It is an online community competition to see how you stack up against athletes with similar fitness and ability levels. You can choose from three different tracks depending on your fitness levels and the workouts will be altered depending on your track. 

Track 1: Most advanced

Track 2: Intermediate

Track 3: Least advanced

So what does this mean? EVERYONE can participate. 

This event is made up of three workouts that can all be completed within 20 minutes: one lift, one gymnastics skill, and one test of general physical preparedness. You will complete all three components in class. 

The Workouts:

How to sign-up

First, look at the graphics above and determine which track best suits your fitness level. Then, register HERE and choose the track you want to participate in. The registration fee is $10. 

Don’t know what track to choose? Watch this video!


We will be doing all three components in class on Friday, so once you register, head over to Zen Planner and sign up for a class on Oct. 22!

Why Should You Participate?

Do you look forward to the Open every year? Do you want to push yourself harder than you would in a normal class? Do you want to test your fitness? Do you get FOMO? 

The Lift Move Work competition is a competition tailored to us normal folk (not just the super-strength Games athletes you watched on T.V. in August). You have three different workout options to choose from depending on where you are in your fitness journey. This competition will help you prepare for the Open, it will allow you to test your fitness, and you can see how you stack up against athletes within a similar fitness level. 

Now, go register, sign up for class on Friday, and get excited!