In light of COVID-19, we are moving our workouts online to continue providing fitness for all of our Roots members! Below you will find all the information you will need to know about our new gym…CrossFit Quarantine;).

What is CrossFit Quarantine? 

We will provide daily online videos that take you through an at-home workout led by Conner or Dave.

How do I access the home workouts?

The home workouts will be posted on SugarWOD in the regular Workout of the Day track.

Join our Facebook group to tune-in to the daily videos for each workout! Request access to join and you will be accepted into the private group. Once accepted, you will have access to see the videos through this private Facebook group. Feel free to submit questions or comments you have about the workouts on any of the videos.*

*Please note that our private Facebook group is limited to current members only.

Request access HERE.

What if I don’t have a Facebook account?

You can create a free account here, if you don’t already have one. All videos will be posted in this group only, therefore, we strongly recommend you create an account in order to gain access. 

When will they be posted?

The daily videos will go live at 10 a.m. daily and then live there indefinitely.  Feel free to tune in live or you can watch the video anytime after they have been posted. The workouts will also be added into SugarWOD, so keep logging your results as if you were attending class normally!

How will the workouts be structured? 

Dave or Connor will introduce the workout and guide you through a warm-up and the workout. There will be a running clock in the video to help you keep track of the workout in the allotted time.

What if I don’t have any equipment?
Don’t worry, all workouts will be bodyweight and can be completed in a limited space! 

Share your work!

Did you do the workout at home? Post your photos and tag us on Instagram (@crossfitroots) or Facebook! We’d love to reshare so we can keep us all inspired!

Just joining the conversation?

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